Who we've helped

“It has been said we have two ears and one mouth because we need to listen twice as hard as we talk. That may be, but I also believe it’s because it’s twice as hard to listen!”

– Mark Twain

 “Nadine is an excellent coach. I hired her to conduct a workshop on Leadership Coaching dedicated to Women in Leadership in our Beijing Headquarters. She did a very thorough preparation work, which led to an excellent workshop. She is dynamic, passionate, very knowledgeable but also great at making people feel comfortable. […] The fact that Nadine can switch easily between English, French and some Chinese was of course helpful to make sure that all participants were working at the same speed. Her own professional background in high-level corporate activities ensures that she can work both with managers and with top senior executives, a flexibility which is very valuable both for workshop exercises and for individual coaching sessions.

- Magdalena Francois-Thurin
Executive Coordinator - Asia Pacific Direction, EDF, Beijing

I worked with Nadine on my communication skills and performance as a leader within my organisation… - to great effect. Nadine’s coaching helped me achieve great results within short periods of time.  Nadine’s style of coaching was inspiring and focused. She has remarkable probing and prompting skills that were effective in guiding me to focus on my key challenges and success factors. Nadine was always flexible to my needs as client, and I always finished sessions with attainable actions that I set myself. Her top qualities as a coach are high integrity and great results, whilst being personable and supportive.

- Brian Abrey, FCCA, Regulation Head, Old Mutual plc, London

We have worked with executives and teams at a range of international organisations, amongst others: