Facilitation & Training

"You cannot teach someone anything. You can only help them discover it for themselves"

– Galileo Galilei

Sow the seed…

Ambitious leaders strive to grow. They don’t only seek to manage and lead their teams and themselves better, but also to learn new skills and gain new insights to inspire new thinking, doing and being, which can then be transferred into the work environment with fresh mindsets driving positive behaviours.

Between our clients and us at Excel with Purpose, we often see the need for a focused, tailor-made training or team workshop to inject new skills or concepts into the work dynamics. However, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all trainings, so we first spend some time together to assess the client’s needs, and tailor the workshop’s context, content and format according to its jointly identified purpose.

…then nurture it to help it grow

And we don’t stop there. We always strive to combine our skill-building sessions, be it a team workshop or an individual training, with the most useful preparation through self-assessment and more importantly the most impactful follow-up in the form of coaching support.

The fact that people’s productivity is boosted considerably when a stand-alone training is paired with follow-up coaching has been well established:

A 1997 study published in Public Personnel Management* revealed the striking leverage one-to-one coaching can give to any training intervention. The authors found that while their training intervention with managers increased manager productivity by 22 %, adding a one-to-one (8-week) coaching intervention after the training pushed productivity to 88 %.

*Olivero, G., Bane, K.D., and Kopelman, R.E. (Dec. 1997).
Executive coaching as a transfer of training tool: Effects on productivity in a public agency.
Public Personnel Management, vol. 26, 4, pp. 461-469.